The Many Voices of E.G. Daily

E.G. Daily does the voices for many current animated characters including the Emmy award-winning “Rugrats”, where she is the voice of lead character Tommy Pickles. She can also be heard as the voice of Buttercup in “The Powerpuff Girls” animated series, as Babe in “Babe – Pig in the City”, and as Rudy Tabootie in Nickelodeon’s© “Chalkzone”. Additional voice-over credits include Dizzy in a new TV animated series, “Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles”, “Eek the Cat”, “Duck Days”, “Duckman”, “Jungle Cubs”, “Problem Child”, and “Baby Blues”. She also provided the voice of Froggie in the feature film “The Little Rascals”, Bam Bam in “The Flintstones”, and Lorenzo in the Academy Award winning feature film, “Lorenzo’s Oil”.


1.  How did you get the job for Tommy Pickles?
“My agent called me up one day while I was having my carpets replaced in my apartment. He told me to run off to an audition for this little boy voice. “I can’t right now,” I said , “I have people working here.” “Just go” he said. I reluctantly left. I was the first to go in for the audition. The producers showed me a tiny claymation of Tommy. They asked me to read a page, then another, then another. I wasn’t concerned about impressing anyone, I knew the voice felt right the minute I saw Tommy. I was more concerned about getting home! The next day I was told that I had the part and here I am still doing it almost 9 years later!”

2. How long does it take to do the voices for Tommy for one show?
“It takes one day a week and anywhere between 15 minutes and 4 hours to do one episode.”

 3. How much input with the script for Tommy do you have?
‘We have all done the show for so long that when a new writer comes in and writes a line Tommy would never say they are very respectful about our knowledge of our characters. We usually stick close to the script, but once in a while we come up with our own hilarious lines. The director and producers are very cool and welcome our improvements.’

4. Do you base the voice for Tommy on anyone in particular?
‘I base the voice of Tommy on a lot of little kids I know. I listen to the speech patterns and watch the mannerisms. My goal with Tommy was to keep him real. He also has a funny mouth which made his voice more fun to do!’

 5. Do you do voiceover for any other characters in the Rugrats?
‘I do a lot of little extra roles on Rugrats as needed. One time, Cree Summers, the woman who does the voice of Susie was working on something else and was not available. As a result, I did a batch of episodes as Susie’s voice. Voiceover work is so cool, itâs endless the characters you can do!’

 6. What are the funniest experiences you have had during the recording of Rugrats?
‘There isn’t one recording session of Rugrats where I don’t practically fall off my chair laughing. We often have some outrageous takes, x-rated or out-take versions of the show that makes going to sessions really fun. We all have worked together for so long it really is like family. Awesome!


1. How did you get the job for Buttercup?
I just got called in for the audition. No, big deal. Forgot about it. The next thing I knew they were recording the pilot, which was done a long time ago. After about 3 years, they booked me again to begin the series…nice. None of us ever thought this was going to blow up like it has.

2. How long did it take to finalize her voice?
Doing voices for me is automatic, I don’t think about how I am going to create the voice and I donât prepare for it. I see the animation or picture of the character and the voice just comes out. There is no real second guessing a voice for me. It just pops out and it’s usually right. I do take into account the features of the characterâs face especially the mouth. Mouth shapes often determine the way my voice sounds. Sometimes when I am sitting in a room with a lot of people I try to imagine what there voice sounds like by the way their mouth moves and the way they look. Once they start talking, I am usually right.

3. How long does it take on average to provide all the voices for one Powerpuff show?
It takes us about 2 and a half hours to do a powerpuff session. Sometimes less.

4. Do you do other characters in the Power Puff Girls?
Occasionally I do other voices on the show.

5. Who is Buttercup?
Buttercup is a preteen, feisty little thang. Don’t mess with her or she’ll whoop your heiney

6. What are your funniest experiences recording PPG’s?
Recording this show is often a hilarious time for me. The actors are all amazing and funny. The jokes that go on in a session are endless. I would have to say it’s one of my favorites to record. I can come in from a crazy hard day, and then once I am in the booth with everyone I forget all my problems. I love the cast on this show!